22 August 2019

A Wee Rebellion

I didn't get my slow, relaxing, summer of stitching that I was hoping for, but I've been trying to make up for it in the last couple of weeks. Thought I'd share a few peeks of what I've been up to. I'm almost always a one-project-at-a-time gal, because I'm a slow stitcher and with multiple projects going, I don't see progress at the pace I would like. However, for whatever reason (probably rebellion at not getting to stitch 24 hours a day to recover from the move), I have been starting whatever I feel like starting, when I want to start it. This is novel for a stitcher like me, who usually practices a measure of self-restraint, but (*stamps foot*) I just got sick and tired of looking longingly at projects I loved and putting them off in order to do other, more "important" stuff. I'm tired of doing important stuff. I wanna stitch.

So. In addition to Christmas Open House projects, and the gorgeous Autumn Sampler I showed a couple of posts ago, I'm also working on this lovely little pumpkin design from this Etsy shop. I'm stitching it on 28 ct. Dirty linen (that's really the name of the color). 

Isn't it pretty? There are lots of these "line of fancy pumpkins" designs, but most are large. I like this one because it's so small. On to the orange pumpkin!

Speaking of orange... put your sunglasses on! This is Phoenix by Fiberlicious. I bought it years ago as a try-out from a then new-to-me dyer. When I bought it, I didn't have a design in mind...

...and then I thought of this one, Summer Sunset by Judith Kirby. I'm hoping it will be as pretty on this fabric in real life as it is in my head. You can see my color conversion of JK's Halloween House in the right sidebar. This one I'm stitching mostly as-is, just on wild fabric.

And here's a little peek at my August ornament for the Christmas Ornament SAL. It's almost done.

I don't see myself becoming a multiple-project-at-a-time stitcher, but right this red hot minute--as my mom would say--it's what I need. I still get the shivers when I see y'all's blog posts about multiple starts (10, 20, 30?!), but I'm finding my five--FIVE!--projects kinda comforting right now. 

Happy Stitching, y'all!


  1. Hello, your stitches are perfect! Any advise on how you get them that way???

    I'm someone who has many projects going on. I'm old and want to do what I want to do. Tee-hee! I do receive backlash though, from my fellow stitchers.

    Love every thing you post! Tina Grace

    1. Aw, thank you Tina! Two things:

      1) I stitch with my fabric tight in a Q-snap, and

      2) I railroad all my stitches, which I explain in this post


      Hope that helps!

  2. Oh Honeybee, I love reading your new posts. They are a breath of fresh air. What a sweet fancy pumpkin you are working on. I like the dirty linen and have used it a lot over the years. I think your Judith Kirby stitch is going to look fabulous on that Fiberlicious fabric. Your Christmas ornament looks like it is almost finished! Happy Stitching to you!

  3. I am in that multiple WIP mode too right now. I love that little pumpkin piece. I look forward to seeing how the piece on the orange fabric comes out. You definitely need sunglasses for it.

  4. I have become a more focused stitcher - not one at a time entirely, but close. Such beautiful stitching.

  5. Thank you for showing us what you are working on.
    Beautiful stitching.

  6. Great Fall projects.
    Love those Pumpkins!

  7. i also have too many going at the same time works for me.your tigerlily looks just like my muffy she does not like me to stitch at times she will get up and sit on the chart so must put down the stitching and have some cuddle time[not that i realy mind]