23 September 2021

Mini Quaker Series Finished!

 Summer is Coming Mini Quaker from Stitches Through the Years.

All four seasons, top to bottom: Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer

These have been an absolute joy to stitch and I am so pleased not only with each individual piece, but also how well they work together. It is simply a gorgeous series. Gorgeous. I mentioned when I showed my first finish (Autumn) that I'm not really a Quaker fan. In fact, these are the first I've stitched. I'm still not sure I'm a Quaker fan, but I am definitely in love with these. So much so that I'm sad to see this series end. Although I did put a little bee in the designer's bonnet, so maybe...


  1. Beautiful. This is a really pretty series.

  2. Honeybee: These are beautiful, I am not a Quaker fan myself but you have renewed my interest.
    I am looking forward to seeing how you do the final finishing.


  3. They are all so pretty.
    I love the colors in the Summer Quaker.

  4. Your Summer Quaker is a beauty. This whole series is truly fabulous. Well done, Honeybee!

  5. They are lovely, and small enough not to get bored with using just a few colours. x

  6. yes, I too would like to see how you finish these. I have the charts too and will stitch in the winter months. big hugs Lynda Ruth I too love the colours

  7. You got me. I broke down & bought all 4 seasons plus another design. Going to floss toss this weekend!

    I love your stitching. Mine isn't nearly as pretty, but I still enjoy doing it.

    My Boo kitty says "Mew" to Tiger Lily.

    1. Lol! Hope you enjoy stitching them as much as I did.

      *scritches Boo kitty*

  8. This is such a pretty series, and your stitching is beautiful. What a treat to find a series that you just love, and also loved stitching! I'm also interested to see how you finish them. Hope you're having a good week.

  9. These look wonderful together. I am glad she did the entire series and I'm rather tempted myself!