30 August 2013

Meet Belinda the Bat Girl!

I guess she's technically not finished since I haven't cut her out, but that's going to take a steadier hand than I have today. Besides, I was too impatient to wait to show her off! This is Belinda the Bat Witch by Brooke Nolan, from the 2013 Just Cross Stitch Halloween Special Issue. I did some editing and turned her into The Bat Girl. She's my Halloween ornament for this year.

That purple bit down on the right is part of her little bat friend. The rest of him is beaded, but I haven't decided what, if anything, to do with him. In the design, he is perched on her broom. Since I didn't make her broom, I was thinking I might tack him to her head at a jaunty angle like a fascinator. Still thinking...

Every time I stitch one of these little Brooke Nolan figures I am reminded of what a fun stitch they are. Well, except Belinda's cape. I wouldn't recommend stitching large areas of perforated paper with Kreinik #8. Hard on the fingers.

But look at these cute shoes!

Mr. Wonderful has chosen his Halloween ornament for this year and it's that spider by Tempting Tangles in the Sept/Oct issue of Just Cross Stitch. I think it's an awesome design, but it does make my skin crawl. Any ideas on how I can stitch it without actually looking at it?

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  1. She's beautiful! Might just be worth the sore fingers. God luck with that spider... BHBB hasn't officially chosen it but I might be calling for tips soon! :)