01 August 2013

Oh, the indignity!

Annual check-up and shots today, which went fine as always, but she has a little ear infection so she had to get her ears cleaned and have drops in one of them. She behaved herself (actually I think it's paralysis from sheer terror rather than good behavior), but she was mad. Oh, was she mad.

This is "We Must Go Home--NOW" face.

I make this face myself sometimes, so I totally understand. Poor thing. Poor us. If you're awake around 6 a.m. Eastern time tomorrow morning, give a little thought to two people shut up in a bathroom with an angry kitty cat, trying to put drops in her ear. The vet said, "You might want to have a helper."

Um. Yeah.


  1. Oh dear! All 3 of you are gonna have a rough morning! I'm not looking forward to clipping Tora's nails.

  2. It helps to wrap angry kitty up in a bath towel, burrito style.

  3. Poor kitty...and I agree with Vickie...wrap her up tight, it is the best way. Good luck!

  4. Oh my.... That s a "your gonna pay for this" look, for sure. Happy kitty is okay!