16 March 2020

Napping: A Tutorial by Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily lends a paw to help with stress relief. How to nap properly:

Get comfy and close your eyes...

Relax and allow your head to droop...

Snuggle your nose into the couch and doze off...

Roll over, cover your eyes with your paw, and really go for it!

One more thing for today--look at this beauty that just arrived from Moscow! I adore this design. It's so calm and quiet and peaceful, and the light is so warm. 

This is a Riolis kit called Wise Raven. I purchased it from this Etsy shop. 

Everybody doing okay? Things are okay here. As most of you know, we're military. In order to help prevent the spread of the virus, the Pentagon has banned all domestic travel for the military and dependents, as well as DoD civilians. This means we cannot leave the local area. I've been in a military family my entire life and I've never seen anything like these domestic travel restrictions. Mr. Wonderful's mission has been affected as well. So far, we haven't been restricted to quarters, and we're hopeful it doesn't come to that, but we're ready if it does. 

I've been furiously clearing my slate of this week's housework today so that I can goof off in my sewing room later in the week and get some finishing done. I'm so looking forward to it!

Remember, be good to yourself--and enjoy a Tiger Lily nap this week!


  1. Beautiful photos of Tiger Lily. I love her napping tutorial! I like your new kit; you're right, it does look like a peaceful design. Hope you have fun working on some finishing this week. I look forward to seeing them!

  2. Tiger Lily has the right idea. Stay safe.

  3. Tiger Lily is the best teachers for napping!
    Love that Wise Raven, it's awesome.
    Things are slowly closing here, but we don't need anything.

  4. Tiger Lily is adorable. We are mostly shut down here. I am home for at least two weeks, but I suspect it will be much more. Stay healthy.

  5. Always enjoy seeing Miss Tiger Lily! She has the right idea. What a beautiful kit you purchased! It looks so peaceful. Schools around here are all closed and many of the small businesses are as well. Stay well!

  6. Too cute. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful new kit. Stay safe and healthy.