30 March 2020

Two Weeks

Well, how's everybody doing? We're two weeks into our voluntary lockdown. So far our state/local government hasn't issued a shelter-in-place order but we're staying home anyway and it seems most people around here are doing the same. Hopefully if people continue to behave themselves an order won't be necessary. I've been out of the house once since 15 March, and that was to ride along with Mr. Wonderful on a trip to the store. I put the window down and let the cold, fresh air blow in my face, like a pupper on a car ride. (I waited patiently in the car just like a dog, too.)

I've been working on some spring stitching. This is an old CEC design from a leaflet called Eggs...etera (#109). I'm changing a few of the colors, to the surprise of absolutely nobody. Isn't that just the sweetest little bird?

I got a couple of goodies in the mail this past week. A book of Christmas designs...

...and I finally got my mitts on a Cosmo color card. I'm slooowly building my Cosmo stash, and this will help me decide what color families I want to focus on collecting first.

The faithful Mr. Bun remains a comforting little presence in our front flower bed. He's hard to see in his wee burrow under the grass, but he's always there, morning til evening.

I wanted to share this with y'all. It's the message we see when we visit our community mailbox. People have been carefully avoiding stepping on it to keep from smudging it. 

One last thing: I recently posted some links to the "Be Well" freebies that designers are sharing to encourage folks to stay home and stitch and also to order supplies from their favorite shops to keep them going through this tough time. I found a Facebook page where a shop is posting all the freebies. You don't have to have a Facebook account to access the charts. 

Cardinal Needleworks

Just click on the chart you want, save, and print. And stitch. Lots and lots of stitching!

Hope you're all staying safe and well, and remembering to be good to yourselves. We'll get through this. 


  1. We have a shelter in place order here in WI.
    That loks like a cute book.
    They are promoting Chalk on the sidewalks here also, & taking a safe distance pic of you from your porch.
    People are purging things & putting them outside for people to take.
    I guess they are working inside & doing yard work to pass the time.
    As always, Tiger Lily is so pretty.

  2. What is the difference between DMC and the Cosmo threads? Interested to find out. Love reading your blog.

    1. Thank you! I get a lot of questions about these threads. Give me a couple of days and I'll put together a post for you (and everyone else who's asked)!

  3. What lovely goodies you received! Does the Cosmo thread book have real threads for the colors? Honeybee, you made me chuckle over your comment about riding in the car like a pup with your face in the air. Thank you! Your bird stitch is darling. Thank you for the link to the shop posting the #bewelland stitch designs.

    1. Yep! Real thread samples. I'll do a Cosmo post this week... stay tuned!

  4. Where did you get the color card?

    I found a fantastic Fox pattern on a FB group I am in. The pattern name is Red fox. Designed by @MadeForYouStitch. I just framed it). I enjoy stitching it, the pattern is very clear, I love that it has both black and white and color variants, and backstitch comes as additional pattern as well. The pattern from Etsy shop MadeForYouStitch.

  5. Lovely photo of Tiger Lily! I love your sweet bird stitch and that book of Christmas designs looks great. I haven't seen Cosmo threads around here but I'm interested in learning more about them. Thank you for your cheerful posts!

  6. I agree with you on the lovely bird. Just looks like he could up and fly away. Your bunny is adorable. Hidden pretty well in there. Hubby still has to work here in Indiana. We are the ones that go to the store though. We've been there a few times since this all started. My mother hasn't been out since March 5th other than a drive around 2 times. We want her to stay safe and sound.