25 May 2022

Calm Before the Storm


My goodness, it rains a lot here. Fine with me. I love rainy days. Except when I'm trying to photograph finishes. And when I'm trying to move. Our shipment arrives tomorrow and of course there is torrential rain in the forecast. Because of course. *sigh*

But we're really, really ready to get this move done. "Camping" gets old after a couple of months. However, if you plan a bit, you can camp with some new patio furniture. At least we have something to sit on.

Speaking of which, think I'll share my "travel kitchen" with y'all next week. It's my little collection of the absolute bare minimum of kitchen things that I travel with so I can make simple meals when we're between homes and waiting on shipments. Eating fast food every day for weeks is demoralizing, not to mention expensive. Even the simplest food you make yourself is a comfort compared to that.

So tomorrow is the big day. Fingers crossed the rain holds off.


  1. I'm sure prolonged camping does get tiring. I like your chairs- they will look pretty on your new patio! That's wonderful your belongings are due to arrive tomorrow; I hope all goes smoothly and the rain holds off until everything is done. Good luck! I look forward to your next update.

  2. Hope all goes well, and it stops raining .
    Some years ago now we lived in a caravan when we were building a house , it was fun but hard work . You will soon be settled . All the best .

  3. I hope everything comes to you safely.

  4. Smart thinking to have a travel kitchen. So much better to have home cooked meals than fast food. Hope it is going smoothly today!

  5. Your new patio furniture looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing your travel kitchen! Hope the rain holds off when your shipment arrives. Thinking of you!