15 March 2023

Winter Sampler: Ice Skate


Stitching away on my Winter Sampler (available here) and so far I'm on track for one or two blocks a month, in hopes of finishing this by the end of my Year of Winter. That may seem like a pretty low bar, but most of my stitching time is being taken up by this year's mega Christmas Open House, and when I can, I squeeze in my other Year of Winter projects. It's only March, but I'm loving just stitching winter. I think next year I'll really be ready for spring and fall projects, but this year is definitely therapy stitching for me, as I learn to adjust to living without winter. This sampler is a really fun stitch and it motivates me to finish the companion piece I started ever so long ago, Autumn Sampler.


  1. Love you Winter Sampler , your stitching is perfect .
    Have fun hugs June.

  2. This is going to be so cute!
    Love that little Fox.

  3. The skate block is darling, Honeybee. Love your chosen fabric!

  4. This is a lovely sampler. It must be very different to live in a place where you don't have winter weather, it's a fun idea to stitch winter! I'm definitely looking forward to your Christmas Open House! Hope you have a good week.