01 December 2021

Christmas Stitching

Christmas decorations are up, Christmas stitching is in progress, and winter stitching is being planned (thank you, Marilyn!). Not too bad for 1 December. I'm a bit busier than I normally am at this time of year because we'll be moving again in a few months, and I have a couple of pre-move projects I'd like to get done before the end of the year. But I'm trying not to let the busyness overwhelm me. Hope you're all healthy and happily getting ready for the holidays, however you celebrate them. 


3rd picture: 28 ct. Wood Violet Jobelan (Wichelt) (another Christmas project... purple!)

6th picture (top to bottom): Gingerbread, Nocturne, Dapple (all 28 ct. PTP)

8th picture: Nocturne (maybe a January start?)

10th picture: Gingerbread (my 2021 ornament!)

Happy Stitching, from sleepy Tiger Lily and her tired mama.


  1. Honeybee: This is such a lovely post, no words are needed, I see you are doing the Fox, it is such a beautiful design.
    your baby looks so peaceful sleeping.
    I love the choice of fabrics you have displayed, beautiful colors.
    Your amaryllis is beautiful.
    You really know how to post photos.

    Merry Christmas

  2. I have The Fox on my wishlist. When we bought our old (1915) house 24 years ago, it came with the name Foxplace. I want to have a wall of framed ‘Fox’ stitchings.

    1. Let me know if you need suggestions... I have lots! I also have a Christmas tree entirely decorated with foxes!

  3. Delightful pictures and post.

  4. Great Christmas decor, love that Santa.
    I need to get that Fox, it's so darn cute.
    What fabric are you using? It's perfect!
    Pretty Tiger Lily.

    1. I'm using PTP Nocturne, but the design calls for PTP Mirage. They're very similar, but Mirage has a bit of purple in it that Nocturne doesn't.

  5. I thought of you when I saw that fox design last week. Lovely fabrics! I want to be Tiger Lily in my next life. Happy December, my friend!

  6. Your name was on this fox chart .
    Lovely Christmas stitching.

  7. I always enjoy your Christmas posts! The fox design is exquisite--can't wait to see yours all finished up! Have a wonderful December and best of luck with packing up for your next move!

  8. The Fox, great design and looking forward to see your update with it. Lovely fabrics too.
    Happy holidays!

  9. I've been looking for a way to contact you to share this, but I can't see any way except in the comments. Sorry about messing up your comment page. I thought you might enjoy this picture of a curious fox!

    1. Ooooh how adorable--I need that fox decoration! Thank you for sharing!