08 December 2023

Werewolves Update


Wednesday's check-up went smoothly. The girls were very well behaved and we did not get in trouble for being a bit on the ample side. By Thursday morning, Butterfly had developed a fever and was feeling pretty rotten as a result of her vaccines, so she spent the day back at the vet's getting fluids and meds. She came home in the evening and was feeling much better. Marigold was rather sluggish herself but tolerated her shots better. Happy to report they seem to be pretty well back to normal today.

I've been knocked flat by a vaccine at times, as we probably all have, and I felt so sorry for her, but the vet took her in right away and got her taken care of. 

Back to all things Christmas! I am busier than I like to be at this time of year, but needs must. And there is always time to snuggle kitties who are feeling poorly.


  1. Poor babies. Hope they feel better. Lots of love for them Mom. hugs Lynda Ruth

  2. So glad to hear that your babies are better now. They are lucky to have you!

  3. Good to hear the kitties feel better.
    Greetings, Gabi

  4. Oh poor babies , but good to hear all's good again.
    Yes such a busy time right now. Hugs June,

  5. Glad the babies are doing better.
    Yes, sometimes we get knocked on our butts from shots too!

  6. Thank you for the update on the werewolves, Honeybee. I am glad they are feeling better from their shots. Have a peaceful weekend!

  7. Poor kitties! I think the one vaccine that had me feeling awful was the first Shingles shot I got. Yuck. The 2nd shot wasn't too bad. Good to hear their feeling better!

  8. Vaccines as a child never bothered me. As an adult?!? Yikes. Reaction every time.

    Pet the sweet girls for me! Hope everyone is well now

  9. Glad to hear their check-ups went well, and they're feeling better after their shots. They're both beautiful!